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Ping Pong Table Terms

Table Tennis Terms Defined


Make sure you measure your available space for the ping pong table. Most tables are regulation size but we do carry some smaller sizes for unique locations. 9' x 5' is the standard tournament size and is the most common. A comfortable playing space beyond the table would be at least 5' in all directions. The net bracket will typically come out about 1" beyond the table as well.

Another dimension that may vary is storage height for each table. Pay close attention to the storage height and width if dimensions are available. For transit from the curb into your space, also measure doorways or any hallways you may encounter with the table so it fits nicely in your space.


Not all ping pong table tops are created equal! Some start at 6mm (.25") in thickness and go up to nearly 32mm (1.25") in playing thickness. This makes a huge difference in the playability and bounce in your table. The thicker the table, the better the bounce. We recommend a 7/8" to 1" table for any affiliated tournament play. A solid table thickness for casual and competitive play can range anywhere from 6mm and up. Pay attention to table top thickness and know what you are purchasing while you're browsing our collection. 


The rails are the heavy-duty supports surrounding the underside of the table. Rails come in all different sizes and a few different materials so pay attention to that. The larger the rail the sturdier the table so know your audience. If the table will endure lots of play and competition you will want to choose a thick rail depth.


Net and post sets also come in many different styles so look at the net type when purchasing a ping pong table. Our brands carry different models of nets for each table ranging from quick setup nets to durable permanent nets and everything in between. Some nets will need to be removed from some tables in storage mode while most are able to remain secured to the table when not in use. Material, tension, height adjustments, and post style are all indicators to look at when discussing table tennis nets and posts.


Legs can be round, square, wooden, metal, or other combination so pay attention to the leg style and size. Some legs are thin around 1" thick and some are much thicker. Square legs will be sturdier for play but round legs will also suffice for play.

Playback Position

Most tables include a playback mode which is when one side is folder up and acts as a backboard for players to practice their ping pong skills. Its a very common feature on tables but there are some that do not have this mode so pay attention when browsing the site. Playback mode is great when there are no worthy competitors for you to play against and helps train your reaction time and coordination.

Adjustable Feet

Adjustable feet are important when the floor beneath you may not be level. Many tables feature adjustable feet but it is not guaranteed to be an included feature of your table tennis table. If you know your floor may have even slight imperfections its a great idea to invest into a ping pong table that has adjustable feet on the table legs.


We hope these ping pong table terms really help you make an informed decision on your next table. If you have any questions about these terms or any other table features please contact us right away and we would be glad to assist you.

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